New corporate branding for Alliance Group

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New corporate branding for Alliance Group

The organisation is not changing its name, but its new branding and logo focuses on the strong connection that Alliance Group has with its farmer shareholders.

The new identity focuses on the growing demand from consumers to be directly connected to the farm and know where their food comes from.

Alliance chief executive David Surveyor said the new corporate identity celebrated the co-operative’s proud history and highlighted its evolution from its beginnings 70 years ago.

He said that, over the past three years, the organisation had evolved from being a livestock processor to being a world-class food and solutions co-operative.

“The company was established by a group of like-minded farmers who saw that unity and common purpose were strengths and owning greater parts of the value chain made absolute sense. Today, we continue that by expanding this vision even further,” ​he s aid.

“That’s why we chose the farm gate, because the in-built ‘A’ is a simple, effective representation of the ‘direct from farmer to consumer’ philosophy. It is symbolic of the incredible hard work of farmers, and our people, environmental sustainability, farming practices and skill that go into all of our produce.”​

Alliance is determined to lead the world with an increasingly differentiated portfolio of lamb, beef and venison branded products, he said.

“World-class produce starts from the farm. Alliance is about taking New Zealand’s best farmers’ produce to global markets,” ​he said.

“Our job is to ensure a strong connection between farmers and families from all over the world that choose our food.”​

Alliance Group is New Zealand’s only 100% farmer-owned major red meat co-operative.

Source: Google News New Zealand | Netizen 24 New Zealand

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