You Can Now Buy Cans of 'Fresh New Zealand Air' 'Harvested' on the Island — For $65 a Pack

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You Can Now Buy Cans of 'Fresh New Zealand Air' 'Harvested' on the Island â€" For $65 a Pack

It’s still cheaper than an actual flight to New Zealand!

A company called Kiwiana is selling cans of “pure fresh New Zealand air” in packs of four, according to a tweet by journalist Damian Christie, posted from the Auckland airport. The pack cost $98.99 in New Zealand dollars. That’s about $65 in the U.S, which, according to the picture, is the price of “a value pack.”

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“You’ve got to be shâ€"g me. Also, $98, so not exactly a cute prank gift,” Christie wrote upon seeing the item.

The back of the package reads, “New Zealand’s unique position in the Southern Ocean means KIWIANA AIR has crossed no major landmass before flowing over the pristine Southern Alps of New Zealand and into this can.”

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In addition, the Kiwiana website claims, “cool Westerly winds bring pure and uncontaminated air to New Zealand… Pure Fresh New Zealand Air is… the purest air you will ever breathe,” which is “harvested on the high ridges above the New Zealand snow line.”

Each canister allegedly contains 130 to 140 “deep brea ths” and comes attached to a mask-like apparatus that you can place over your mouth or nose to inhale.

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Naturally, Christie’s followers were confounded by the product. One responded, “WHAT. We’ve hit peak capitalism,” while another questioned its health effects: “Isn’t this just *really* expensive huffing? How is this allowed?”

Kiwiana did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Source: Google News New Zealand | Netizen 24 New Zealand

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